My RailsConf 2022 Story

Paris to Portland

I took three planes to get me to Portland by Monday 16th (one day before the conference starts)

On my first night I met up with an old friend, Nick Urban.

First day

I woke up a bit late and missed the opening keynote.

When I arrived the keynote was finished and people were talking outside the ballroom.

The first person I recognized was Aaron Patterson (@tenderlove, Ruby and Rails core team member and overall funny person).

Then I met up with Chris Oliver (of GoRails fame) and Schneems (of Heroku fame).

Then I went to Rails 7 Front End Tooling workshop where I learned more about using Hotwire (Turbo + Stimulus), especially the Turbo frames part.

Then I went for lunch and met and talked with a few people.

After lunch I went to Advanced Active Record - Building a composable query builder but the room was more than full and it was quite hard to follow while seating on the floor.

So I left and went home to sleep for the afternoon.

I came back just in time for Aaron Patterson’s keynote.

Then I didn’t know where to go (it looked like the events were fully booked) so I stayed outside and waited to see anybody I recognize.

I recognized Schwad, Andrew Mason and Roman.

Then Roman invited me to a bar where the Turing School was organizing an afterhour.

I went there and won a mug for being the person who traveled the furthest. I also met people who wanted to come work at thoughtbot. Then another bar and then home 🤗.

Second day

Woke up late again and missed the keynote, then came and hung out in the Exhibit Hall where all the sponsors had booths.

I talked to most of the people at the booths but my favorite was the Sidekiq / HoneyBadger one where there were couches to sit.

Then after I grabbed some lunch, I sat with Brittany Martin, Andrea Fomera and Schwad.

After, I went to Test Double Lab where we paired on a pull request on Rails and I got some rubber ducks.

Then I noticed, very lucky, that there were lightning talks starting in the adjacent room so I went there and watched the talks. Next time I will definitely give at least a lightning talk.

Then I was heading out to the Sidekiq lounge when I saw it was happy hour. Got a drink and got talking with folks.

I was just sitting in the Sidekiq lounge drinking and talking when I got invited to ride in a limo to go watch a movie. It was organized by Andrew Culver.

After that we hung out on the rooftop of the hotel and there was Go Rails folks and I met Marco Roth.

Then back home 😴.

Third day

I’m a bit ashamed but third day I slept most of the day 😅. When I came back it was the end of the keynote.

Then I went to bars with folks.


Loved it ❤️ would do it again, see you in Atlanta next year!